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APH 立波 《广场上的青铜天使》(连载)之 第一章 梦之联合王国

APH ,LithuaniaXPoland ,The Bronze Angle on the Square

Chapter one

Glorious Kingdom of Polish–Lithuanian Union  part 1


Title: The Bronze Angle on the Square

Artist: me ~ Lilysbreath

Character: Lithuania,Poland and so on(maybe all of the characters will appear 

Rating: PG-13

Warnings:Contains Violence and War in the future.

Summary:It's a stroy about Toris and Felix,about love and forget,about angles in Warsaw.












此段是描述联合王国缔结的过程的,1382年波兰-匈牙利国王Louis去世,嗣下两个女儿。小女儿Jadwiga当时才10岁,后来她在与Wilhelm von Habsburg离婚之后,波兰贵族使之与立陶宛的Jogaila公爵成婚,Jogaila公爵的波兰名字就是有名的Jagiello公爵。事实上Jagiello公爵的脾气那是相当的不好,所以小公主最后可谓是英年早逝……现实总不能那样美好不是么


Topic:APH国拟人 - Genre:Anime/Manga

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